4 year old Kinder

The 4 year old kinder group caters for 30 children aged between 4-5 years.

Our Kinder program offers enriching activities which includes a regular sports program ‘Sports with Paul’,  music & movement program ‘Hey Dee Ho’  and visits to Bentleigh West Primary School Library and the local Retirement Home, providing hands on learning. Other incursions and excursions are offered throughout the year. Through a play based program, we also engage children with problem solving, language/literacy and numeracy activities through a variety of experiences. We follow the children’s ideas and offer opportunities to explore and discover through inquiry base learning and play.

Our goal is to encourage children to become engaged, creative, imaginative, independent, co-operative, caring, enthusiastic children. We support and encourage children to be effective communicators as well as feel connected, respected and involved as learners, becoming emotionally confident and being able to socialize with their peers, developing resilience and problem solving skills with one another.