3 year old Kinder

The 3 year old Kinder group caters for 25 children aged between 3-4 years.

As a child reaches the age of three, they become increasingly independent as they assert their own capabilities. In our 3 year old kinder program, this is an area of development that is strongly promoted through role-modelling and encouragement.

The educators in our 3 year old kinder room aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, where children can grow and learn, while also acknowledging each child’s cultural background, individual needs and abilities. We do this through a program based on intentional teaching as well as the children’s current interests. We acknowledge parents as a child’s first and their most important role model. We welcome parent and family input in our room and program and also invite family members to share their own special skills.

All children are unique and individual learners, the learning materials that we provide aim to assist children through their social, emotional and physical development and to get them ready for whatever their futures may hold.