Our Team

  • Lyndsey, Centre Manager

    I have been in the Early Childhood sector since 2002 after completing my Diploma in Early Childhood and Education. I initially commenced as an Assistant Educator before being promoted to Room Leader and Deputy Manager. I moved to Australia from the UK in 2010 and worked in a variety of services before commencing my first role as a Centre Manager in 2014. I obtained my Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management in 2019 before I transferred to our Bentleigh centre at the start of 2020. I am a passionate Centre Manager who strives for open communication, continuity and high quality care and education. I believe it is vital for each educator to deliver high quality pedagogical practice in their daily teaching. I am collaborative and supportive to ensure I get the best from my team. I believe in creating a safe secure and nurturing environment for the children to thrive, this enables them to reach their full potential and create a base where they can excel in their capabilities. I strive to cultivate a strong sense of belonging and community amongst the educators, children and families through trust and mutual respect.
  • Cherilyn, 2IC and Educational Leader


    My name is Cherilyn but I am known by the children as Cheri. I am currently the 2IC/ Educational Leader here at Bentleigh Childcare & Kindergarten and feel so privileged to be a part of this family.I have worked in the childcare industry for 10 years and have progressed and worked in many different roles such as Assistant educator, Room Leader, 2IC and Centre Manager. I have had the pleasure of working in different Centres over the years and feel blessed to have been able to learn and gain knowledge from some amazing educators who have helped shape the educator that I am today. I truly believe that each child should be seen as their own individual and be given the chance to express themselves and learn in their own way. I am a huge advocate for creative expression and allowing children to develop on their own learning through open-ended choices, but also guiding them when they are in need. I look forward to getting to know you and your child/ren and assisting the educators to ensure that we as a Centre are providing the best quality program and care for your child’s development and growth.

  • Amy, Nursery Room Leader

    My name is Amandine but the children, families and co-workers call me Amy and I am the Room Leader of the Nursery. I was born in France but I moved to Australia 4 years ago. I graduated in my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in December 2019. As an educator I believe that children are individuals and have their own ways of learning. I aim to provide opportunities and challenges that promote their interests, abilities and skills. I believe that the environment and strong relationships are the most important part of a child’s learning. I facilitate a play based approach to allow each child to explore their environment and gain perception of the world they live in.
  • Preeti, Nursery Educator


    My name is Preeti Patel and I migrated to Australia from India back in 2007. I have been working in Early Childhood and Education for the last seven years and I have gained a vast amount of experience working at various childcare centres across Melbourne.  My favourite aspect of my role is the interactions and relationships that I can nurture each day. I enjoy helping the children to accomplish new challenges and encourage them to meet their individual developmental milestones.  As an educator, I provide a nurturing home like environment to the children and encourage them to grow as a confident learners.

  • Alka, Nursery Educator


    My name is Alka and I am originally from India. I came to Australia in 2011 and I commenced my career in Early Childhood in 2014. I am extremely passionate about working with children and I love watching them grow and develop into confident toddlers and children. I enjoy helping them meet their developmental milestones and achieve new skills. I am very nurturing and I enjoy sharing the children’s learning journey with their families.

  • Madison, Pre-Toddler Room Leader


    I have been working at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten since 2014. I am Diploma qualified and am currently studying my Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University. I have always had a passion for teaching children and have loved supporting them grow, develop and learn. As an Early Childhood Educator, I believe that learning through play is essential to children making new discoveries and developing a love for knowledge.

  • Ellen, Pre-Toddler Educator


    Bio coming soon...

  • Donna, Toddler Room Leader

    My name is Donna and I am the room leader of the Toddler Room. I have been in the Early Education Sector for the last 9 years, where I have gained a range of experience across all age groups. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and a Certificate 4 in Disability. I am a huge advocate for children with additional needs and I promote inclusive practices within my pedagogy. I am passionate about promoting language and literacy in the early years, I believe that all children should be heard and I actively encourage them to have a voice and express their thoughts, ideas and opinions. I encourage children to have a sense of independence through repetition, routines and experiences.
  • Tara, Toddler Educator

    I have been working in Early Childhood for approximately 4 years, all of which I have worked at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten. I currently hold my Certificate III in Children’s Services and am working towards my Diploma of Early Childhood Education. I strongly believe in learning through play and that the children gain more knowledge through exploring an environment where they are able to extend on their own ideas and create their own learning. As an educator, my goal is to create an inviting space where the children feel safe, secure and welcomed.
  • Vanessa, 3 Year-Old Kindergarten Room Leader


    I am a married mother of two beautiful children. My background is as an experienced Performing Arts Instructor, working through various Childcare Centres across Melbourne, before becoming a Diploma Qualified Educator. I have been working at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten since 2016 and have experience across all 5 rooms. I love nothing more than nurturing the Babies and Toddlers in their early development, through to being a Kindergarten Assistant helping prepare young ones for their school years and defining their independence. I believe in creating strong bonds with all the children, whilst providing quality teaching with qualitative learning, in a nurturing fun environment.

  • Lisa, 3 Year-Old Kindergarten Educator


    My name is Lisa and I have just recently completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. I am very excited for the opportunity to join our 3 year Kindergarten. I completed Year 12 and graduated from SEDA College in 2016 and always knew I wanted to work with young children. As I start my journey as an Early Childhood Educator, I believe teaching children life skills and developing them throughout their young years. I am very passionate about providing a safe, inviting, and fun space for the children and always looking at new ways for children to learn and develop in different environments.  

  • Nancy, 4-year-old Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)


    My decision to work in Early Childhood came after my high school placement at a Early Childhood Centre. I then began working in an afterschool program whilst I was completing Year 12. After then acheiving my Certificate III and Diploma of Children's Services I began my career leading a room at a Centre in Sandringham. After 2 years I was ready for a new challenge and begun studying my Bachelor of Early Childhood and commenced my role at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten in 2013. I have vast knowledge and experience in my field and love to challenge myself as a teacher by researching and participating in professional development. I am passionate about my role and I believe in challenging children and promoting curiosity in their play. I strive to facilitate a program and environment that is diverse with lots of natural play spaces and free choice. I aim to grow and extend children’s learning through their interests. This encourages intrinsic motivation and stimulates a love of passion to learn through their play.

  • Sharon, 4 Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher


    My name is Sharon  and I am the Early Childhood Teacher at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten. I am Irish and having been living in Melbourne for a little over 3 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and have worked in several countries besides Australia, such as Japan where I worked for 3 years as an English teacher. I am passionate about celebrating cultures and perspectives and feel very fortunate that I have been able to explore different festivities and learn more about different cultures through travelling. I am passionate about sustainability and the environment and this is a big part of my practise as an educator. I am a strong advocate in promoting children sense of agency and matters that affect them.

  • Valery, 4 Year-Old Kindergarten Educator


    I started my professional journey in Early Childhood in 2008. I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood in 2011 and obtained my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2018. I have worked in various roles and with all ages groups during my professional career.  

    I am motivated by the theme of the Early Years Learning Framework, “Being, Becoming and Belonging.” These three meaningful words have influenced my work and my interactions with children, colleagues and families. Being in this privileged position as a support educator enables me to guide and enrich the learning of all the children and have fun.

    I am passionate and enthusiastic educator and I enjoy researching new ways of providing stimulating experiences that are sustainable and meaningful.

  • Eva, Support Educator

    I obtained my Diploma in Children’s Services in 2015 but I have been working in Early Education for 18 years, with 10 of those years spent here at Bentleigh Childcare and Kindergarten. I thoroughly enjoy working with children. I am able to watch them grow from babies and assist them with their development and learning, while gaining their independence. I have gained valuable knowledge over the years working with all my colleagues and I look forward to seeing the continuous growth of our Centre.
  • Helen, Support Educator

    I have been in Early Childhood for 10 years and hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services. I am currently studying my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have always had a passion for teaching young children while encouraging healthy habits such as nutrition and fitness. As an Early childhood Educator, I strongly believe that taking care of children with compassion and love is the most important thing of all.
  • Miriam, Support Educator


    Bio coming soon...

  • Veena, Centre Cook

    I have been in Australia since 2008. Back in my home country of India, I was a teacher but once I moved to Australia I started my career in hospitality. Other than teaching, cooking is my passion and I enjoy providing and keeping connected with the community and children. I love to research and learn more about nutritional foods and provide these recipes and ideas to the children and families at the centre.