Our Philosophy

At Bentleigh Child Care and Kindergarten, we recognise the benefits of creating a holistic experience for our children in a stimulating environment where they feel nurtured, guided & protected by passionate and experienced educators. We also aim to provide a safe and trusting environment where families feel welcomed, respected and valued.

For Children:

  • We believe play should be fun, stimulating, messy, inquisitive, engaging and creative.
  • We value and support children in their choice and encourage child lead experiences.
  • We recognise and listen to the children’s voice within our program to achieve and support a sense of belonging and an inclusive environment.
  • We believe in the importance of building relationships with the community for the children, therefore we strive to utilise local services in an effective and meaningful way.

For Families:

  • We believe in creating an atmosphere that is inclusive of all families regardless of ability, cultural background, gender or socio-economic status.
  • We support and welcome parents’ interests and involvement in the community of our centre.
  • We value the voice of the family and invite parent input and involvement within our centre.
  • We are committed to form ongoing trusting relationships and recognise families as collaborative partners with our educators.

As Educators:

  • We believe that each individual child is unique and should feel safe, supported and valued by our educators.
  • We aim to provide a stimulating curriculum where children can learn and contribute in a program that assists in the development of children’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative growth.
  • We strive to create a space that gives children a sense of belonging and provides them with opportunities for new learning discoveries.
  • We believe in teaching children to respect and care for their surrounding environments by implementing sustainable practises within our centre.
  • As educators we attend professional development courses each year to further develop and strengthen our existing knowledge and experience as early childhood educators.